Quyen Ton – Chief Executive Officer, LOOKAT-CONSULTANTS

771b52d64f3a4d81921b55765d9fb9aeI want to say thank you for sending me the hardcover of 19th edition of empowering executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. You have done a fantastic job putting everything together and to make professionals look great. I promise I will work hard and will contribute my talent in any way I could to make your organization become the best recognizable publishing with pride in the world. Again, this means a lot to me and my family. I can’t thank enough but always look up to your company as one of the best in the world. Thank you.

Quyen Ton
Chief Executive Officer
Member Since: 2007


John Sturgeon – Executive Energy Advisor & Consultant, Sturgeon Consulting LLC

John SturgeonThis looks great and thanks so much.

John D. Sturgeon Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in International Oil and Gas Operations

John Sturgeon
Executive Energy Advisor, Consultant
Sturgeon Consulting LLC
Member Since: 2015


Kym Patricia McCulley – Principal, Luna Consulting

Kym McCulleyThat is fantastic!!!! Thank you very much for a beautiful write up! I am grateful and appreciate your patience with me.

Kym McCulley Recognized for Excellence in International Development, Strategic and Business Planning

Kym Patricia McCulley
Luna Consulting
Member Since: 2015


Christopher Weber Furst – Strategic Futurist, Female Future

Christopher Weber FurstThanks a lot for the job you have done for me, and I am already using it for marketing purposes.

Top Coach for Female Leaders

Christopher Weber Furst
Strategic Futurist, Existential Detective, Executive Coach, Consultant
Female Future
Member Since: 2014


Caroline Glen – Independent Poetry Editor

Thank you Karen and everybody for the plaque received two days ago. Was totally thrilled  and today my chemist took a photo of the three of us to go on Facebook. I will get back with answers per your questionnaire: in the meantime I sleep with the plaque under my pillow. As an editor I scrutinize wording, and must say your choice of words on the plaque were very good. Best thoughts.

Caroline Glen
Independent Poetry Editor
Member Since: 2015


Lynn Everson – Managing Director, Lifeline Language Services, Ltd.

Lynn EversonThank you very much for producing this press release for me, it’s great.

Managing Director Lynn Everson Excels in Language Services

Lynn Everson
Managing Director
Lifeline Language Services, Ltd.
Member Since: 2014


Cat Dols – Owner, Home Beautiful Staging & Design LLC

Cat DolsI saw the press release and love it!

Cat Dols Showcases Professional Accomplishments through Worldwide Branding

Cat Dols
Home Beautiful Staging & Design LLC
Member Since: 2013


Bob Barilani – Chief Executive Officer, Essential Biz

Bob BarilaniYou have done a great job!

Bob Barilani Draws on 35 Years of Experience to Launch his Consulting Business

Bob Barilani
Chief Executive Officer
Essential Biz
Member Since: 2013


Dr. Charles J. Mambula I – CEO, Gumir-Jethro Consulting

Dr. Charles J. Mambula IThanks very much. It’s a pleasure working with you.

Dr. Charles J. Mambula I
Gumir-Jethro Consulting
Member Since: 2010


Jill Spruill – Life Coach, Into Flight Life Coaching

Jill Spruill…Fantastic! I like the connections! :-) This [website] looks very nice and I appreciate what you have done for me.

Jill Spruill
Life Coach
Into Flight Life Coaching
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