Edward Joseph Elias – Aaronic Priesthood Ordination, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints | Owner & Artist, Elias Art Studios

I want to say thank you so much for the Humanitarian Award 2015. I receive yesterday night when I came from work. Thank you members for the nomination award. My life is in happiness and joy. I will keep working for the humanity in Canada and World. Helping and supporting and giving encourage to the people when they need it so much. If is anything I will receive in the future very welcome and thank you once again. Best Regards.

Edward Joseph Elias
Aaronic Priesthood Ordination, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Owner & Artist, Elias Art Studios
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John Sturgeon – Executive Energy Advisor & Consultant, Sturgeon Consulting LLC

John SturgeonThis looks great and thanks so much.

John D. Sturgeon Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in International Oil and Gas Operations

John Sturgeon
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Sturgeon Consulting LLC
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Scott B. Fulton – Director of North American Operations, Joseph Campione, Inc.

Scott FultonThank you very much! The release looks very good … for those interested to know more, it will entice them to reach out … very well done.

Scott B. Fulton Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Operations Management

Scott B. Fulton
Director of North American Operations
Joseph Campione, Inc.
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Lynn Everson – Managing Director, Lifeline Language Services, Ltd.

Lynn EversonThank you very much for producing this press release for me, it’s great.

Managing Director Lynn Everson Excels in Language Services

Lynn Everson
Managing Director
Lifeline Language Services, Ltd.
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Shaheena Nanji, MBA – FANS International Hospitality Group/Holiday Inn

Shaheena NanjiThanks! Looks great. Approved.

Shaheena Nanji Recognized for Excellence in Hospitality

Shaheena Nanji, MBA
Vice President, Director of Operations
FANS International Hospitality Group/Holiday Inn Express & Suites Downtown London
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Dr. Charles J. Mambula I – CEO, Gumir-Jethro Consulting

Dr. Charles J. Mambula IThanks very much. It’s a pleasure working with you.

Dr. Charles J. Mambula I
Gumir-Jethro Consulting
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Henrik Olof Johansson – LMIS

Henrik JohanssonI just came across my own profile. It made me laugh…Especially where you explained that I don’t believe in being told about safety clothing and the black helmet. Ha, ha…It is just perfect!!

Well that’s really me, but it feels kind of strange to see it on a website. Let us see if I get any more clients after this release… Otherwise I will just go around kicking dirt on my backyard and feel good that at least I have been honest about myself…and by the way I love New York.

I spent New Years in NYC after 9/11/2001. I was on Broadway that New Years Eve, because my ship was stranded in Port Elisabeth for 3 days and security was out of this world. We were not allowed to leave.

I have seen the towers and I have been up there on the top and I have seen the smoke from the residues.

I couldn’t believe the spirit and how people came together after the Twin Towers fell.

I have been in New York a number of times since 1988 and Christmas Time in NY City beats anything I have experienced before.

Henrik Olof Johansson
Project, Technical & People Management Specialist
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Ian Pettitt — Educator, Creator & Innovator, Zenpod Health

c84b21e9ee1c4ef7b65b8af280ca4ba0I just want to thank you for the wonderful job Worldwide Broadcasting did. We did get our message out there and I’m just amazed how you done it. It was an eye-opening interview. I think you have done a wonderful job and I appreciate it.

Ian Pettitt
Educator, Creator & Innovator
Zenpod Health
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Shyam J.B. Mehta – Chief Executive Officer, The Loving Heart Centre

Shyam J.B. MehtaDear Sirs,

Perfect. Thank you….the website looks really good to me.

Shyam J.B. Mehta
Chief Executive Officer
The Loving Heart Centre
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Rienk Van Wieren – Director, Blinck& Co., ManagemenS Results

Rienk van WierenAs far as I can see the website is perfect…Thank you very much.

Rienk Van Wieren
ManagemenS Results
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