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Welcome to Worldwide Success Stories, where you can read about the ways that our esteemed network of professionals, executives and entrepreneurs have achieved success as members. By sharing their experiences and accomplishments, Worldwide members further establish themselves as valuable resources in their fields, and enlighten others on how they can flourish in their chosen industries. We encourage you to survey their testimonials to further learn how you can optimize your Worldwide membership.



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  1. Anthony F. Sowell on said:

    My company So Exclusive Inc. has been one of the most visible Entertainment Company in Charlotte N.C. for many years, bringing some of the biggest events to the City, has played a major role in the music industry, providing a platform for the up and coming talent in the City, we also specialize in the creativity, and marketing & promotion of businesses in the area, also we’re involve in Charity work in the city we’ve team up with Celebrity Charity Wishes to handle all it’s marketing and promotion bringing some of the industries biggest names just to name a few, Nick Canon, Anthony Hamilton, Michele Williams, and the list goes on, we’re currently looking to take this worldwide to help businesses worldwide to achieve there full potential in there selective fields. Our company is One Level above Exclusive, we’re SO Exclusive! and that’s we’re it ends. At the Top!

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