Edward Joseph Elias – Aaronic Priesthood Ordination, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints | Owner & Artist, Elias Art Studios

I want to say thank you so much for the Humanitarian Award 2015. I receive yesterday night when I came from work. Thank you members for the nomination award. My life is in happiness and joy. I will keep working for the humanity in Canada and World. Helping and supporting and giving encourage to the people when they need it so much. If is anything I will receive in the future very welcome and thank you once again. Best Regards.

Edward Joseph Elias
Aaronic Priesthood Ordination, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Owner & Artist, Elias Art Studios
Member Since: 2015


Sandra L. Kuchmak, RN, B.Sc.N., GNC(c), LTC Consultant – Sandra Kuchmak Consulting

Sandra KuchmakToday I received my 8 copies of the Top 101 Industry Experts.

Thank you so much for ensuring I received these. I had really started to wonder!

It is such a thrill to see myself in print and be part of such a great group of people.

I have had a hard time putting the book down. Everyone’s story is unique and interesting.

Thank you again.

Sandra L. Kuchmak, RN, B.Sc.N., GNC(c)
LTC Consultant
Sandra Kuchmak Consulting
Member Since: 2013


Fiona Gaye Davies-McConchie – Mt. Aspiring Geochemical Ltd. in association with Virotec Global Solutions Ltd.

Fiona Gaye Davies-McConchieHey! My award plaque arrived today; thanks so much – it’s beautifully presented. Just a personal thing I’d like to share with you all. My mother, recently widowed (dad passed away not long ago; he was diagnosed with cancer and given only weeks to live) is in a nursing home with not long to go herself. As soon as the award arrived at my door today, I immediately went to the nursing home to show mom. You’ve no idea how much this meant to her! It meant the world for her, it really did.


(Or, in Australian lingo “ta”……Meaning thanks/and cheers)

Fiona Gaye Davies-McConchie
Director, Mt Aspiring Geochemical,
Technological Research & Development
Co-Founder and an Owner,
Virotec Global Solutions P/L
Virotec Global Solutions Pty Ltd.
Member Since: 2013


Richard Bartell – Leidos Senior Scientist

Richard BartellThank you very much.  This looks good.


Richard Bartell
Leidos Senior Scientist
Contact Me on LinkedIn
Member Since: 2012


Aaron L. Welch – Director, Red Bird Creative

Aaron WelchLooks great, thanks!

In a way it makes our Red Bird Creative website look subpar! That’s next on the rebranding mission, however that’s pending financially…But I believe Worldwide Branding will help in that!

Thanks to the team for getting all of the information into a condensed but still comprehensive platform.

Aaron L. Welch
Red Bird Creative
Connect on LinkedIn
Member Since: 2013


Ole Johansen – SSP Technology

Ole JohansenIt becomes quite emotional to read the text you’ve written, it cannot be written more accurately without being overdone. ;-) Thanks for the great work you’ve done.

Ole Johansen Honored for Excellence in Operations Management

Ole Johansen
Vice President Manufacturing
SSP Technology
Member Since: 2013


Odile Olleris – Revlon, Paris, France

Odile OllerisI really feel extremely honored by this nomination as recognition of my international business expertise and achievements over my career until now by such a prestigious and renowned international active business community. I also take this as a particularly special honor to my native country, France, while being the first French national to get such recognition by Worldwide [Branding]. I will continue to [develop] and [drive] my business life in [a] direction to further personal accomplishment and contribution to France’s success worldwide.

Odile Olleris
International Director
Revlon, Paris, France
Member Since: 2013


Paul J. Ferris Named a VIP Member of Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Offender Rehabilitation

Paul Ferris*Paul J. Ferris was very pleased with the launching of his press release and his VIP Honor. He gained extra traction via the Worldwide Who’s Who online branding platforms as well as additional contacts in his industry, and reached out to let his branding specialist know that he was pleased with the response that he received.

Hi! Here are the following links that we discussed.

Great work guys!

Paul J. Ferris
Chief Executive Officer in Scotland
Member Since: 2013


Carolyn Simons, Founder, Editor – Forget Me Not Press

Carolyn Simons - Forget Me Not PressI am very pleased with the company –you have said and done exactly what you said you would and it is much appreciated.  I received the welcome package and the engraved plaque.  It is on the wall with the framed covers to my books and other membership certificates.  It is thrilling to look at it and my husband is just beaming with pride.


Carolyn Simons
Founder, Editor
Forget Me Not Press
Member Since: 2013


Wendy Beattie, RN, BSN

I’ve spoken to my Personal Branding [Specialist] a few times during the past year. She told me to drop her a note to let her know what I thought of the items when I received them. Well, I love them! Today, I received my plaque. It is very nice and beautiful! I just wanted to thank Worldwide Branding for such a nice memento. I also want to express my gratitude for the calendars. I was pleasantly surprised to be included and quite impressed when the calendars arrived — it is nice to see the completed product. Thank you.

Wendy Beattie
Member Since: 2005