Ruth Anne Caukwell – Author, Blogger & Teacher, RuAnCa

Ruth Anne CaukwellI have looked at the press release and it is great. Thank you for sending this through to me and I am thrilled – it looks really good! I will have a look tomorrow at the second URL after 9.00am! Many thanks to yourself, Darlene and all who have participated and are working on my profile, etc.

Ruth Anne Caukwell Honored as a VIP Member of the Year

Ruth Anne Caukwell
Teacher, Author, Inspirational Writer, Blogger, Proofreader, Editor
Member Since: 2015


Caroline Glen – Independent Poetry Editor

Thank you Karen and everybody for the plaque received two days ago. Was totally thrilled  and today my chemist took a photo of the three of us to go on Facebook. I will get back with answers per your questionnaire: in the meantime I sleep with the plaque under my pillow. As an editor I scrutinize wording, and must say your choice of words on the plaque were very good. Best thoughts.

Caroline Glen
Independent Poetry Editor
Member Since: 2015


Kimberling Galeti Kennedy – Author, “Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day”

Kimberling Galeti KennedyThank you! You guys are amazing!

Kimberling Galeti Kennedy
“Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day”
Kimberling, Inc.
Member Since: 2011


Felicity Neale | Managing Editor, Standard & Poor’s

Felicity NealeI LOVE [my website]!!!!! Thank you so much.

Felicity Neale
Managing Editor
Standard & Poor’s
Member Since: 2013


Rima Overgaard | Fayed Director, Owner – Jiddo Press

Rima Overgaard FayedI received the plaque with my name and VIP membership :-) that is so great! Thank you so much! I am very proud and honoured. I can’t wait to publish this press release to LinkedIn and Facebook.

Rima Overgaard Fayed Honored for Excellence in the Publishing Industry

Rima Overgaard Fayed
Director, Owner
Jiddo Press
Member Since: 2014


Carolyn Simons, Founder, Editor – Forget Me Not Press

Carolyn Simons - Forget Me Not PressI am very pleased with the company –you have said and done exactly what you said you would and it is much appreciated.  I received the welcome package and the engraved plaque.  It is on the wall with the framed covers to my books and other membership certificates.  It is thrilling to look at it and my husband is just beaming with pride.


Carolyn Simons
Founder, Editor
Forget Me Not Press
Member Since: 2013


Alice Ukoko, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Women of Africa

Thank you for this press release. It is perfect and so exciting to read! I am deeply grateful for your entire editorial team at Worldwide Branding for this first-class production.

Alice Ukoko
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Women of Africa