Barbara Gardner – Attorney, Gardner Employment Law

Barbara GardnerLooks very good – like your quote near the top.

Barbara Gardner Honored for Excellence in Employment Law

Barbara Gardner
Gardner Employment Law
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Jacqueline Volkart – General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan

Jacqueline VolkartThank you for the wonderful press release, a very nice exposure.

Jacqueline Volkart Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Hotel Management


Jacqueline Volkart

General Manager
The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan
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Julia Matto – Owner, Jewel Silk Scarves-Always the Best, LLC

Love the Press Release!

Julia Matto Honored for her Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Julia Matto
Jewel Silk Scarves-Always the Best, LLC
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John Sturgeon – Executive Energy Advisor & Consultant, Sturgeon Consulting LLC

John SturgeonThis looks great and thanks so much.

John D. Sturgeon Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in International Oil and Gas Operations

John Sturgeon
Executive Energy Advisor, Consultant
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Ruth Anne Caukwell – Author, Blogger & Teacher, RuAnCa

Ruth Anne CaukwellI have looked at the press release and it is great. Thank you for sending this through to me and I am thrilled – it looks really good! I will have a look tomorrow at the second URL after 9.00am! Many thanks to yourself, Darlene and all who have participated and are working on my profile, etc.

Ruth Anne Caukwell Honored as a VIP Member of the Year

Ruth Anne Caukwell
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Kym Patricia McCulley – Principal, Luna Consulting

Kym McCulleyThat is fantastic!!!! Thank you very much for a beautiful write up! I am grateful and appreciate your patience with me.

Kym McCulley Recognized for Excellence in International Development, Strategic and Business Planning

Kym Patricia McCulley
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Rochelle M. Arjmand – Networking Matchmaker, Arjmand Associates

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Rochelle M. Arjmand has been Named a VIP Member of Worldwide Branding

Rochelle M. Arjmand
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Horses and Heroes


Ivan Spollansky Contreras – Human Resources Manager, Laboratorios Garden House

IvanSpollansky ContrerasWhat can I say…it looks great! Thank you.

Ivan Spollansky Contreras Recognized as a VIP Member of Worldwide Branding

Ivan Spollansky Contreras
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Bill Ponseti – President & Chief Executive Officer, InEight, Inc.

Bill PonsetiLooks perfect!

Bill Ponseti Named a Worldwide Branding VIP of the Year

Bill Ponseti
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Linda K. Thomas – Owner & Operator, Little River Motel

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Linda K. Thomas Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in the Hospitality Industry

Linda K. Thomas
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Little River Motel
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