Quyen Ton – Chief Executive Officer, LOOKAT-CONSULTANTS

771b52d64f3a4d81921b55765d9fb9aeI want to say thank you for sending me the hardcover of 19th edition of empowering executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. You have done a fantastic job putting everything together and to make professionals look great. I promise I will work hard and will contribute my talent in any way I could to make your organization become the best recognizable publishing with pride in the world. Again, this means a lot to me and my family. I can’t thank enough but always look up to your company as one of the best in the world. Thank you.

Quyen Ton
Chief Executive Officer
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Milan Pilous – Fujitsu

Milan PilousMy press release was very nicely done.

Milan Pilous Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Human Resources

Milan Pilous
Regional Human Resources Operations Manager of Fujitsu Western & Eastern Europe, Middle East, India & Africa
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Susan M. Fessler – Advertising Director, Vocalist & Guitarist

Susan FesslerYou guys are fantastic…I’m sure we will make additions and changes as things progress. It is a pleasure working with you!

Susan M. Fessler
Advertising Director, Gannett Direct Mail Solutions
Vocalist & Guitarist, Get Real
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Rienk Van Wieren – Director, Blinck& Co., ManagemenS Results

Rienk van WierenAs far as I can see the website is perfect…Thank you very much.

Rienk Van Wieren
ManagemenS Results
Member Since: 2013


Ronald C. Spooner – Senior Partner, Ward/Davis Associates

Ronald C. SpoonerWow I want to hire that guy!!! Looks good.

Ronald C. Spooner Named Professional of the Year in Test & Measurement Solutions

Ronald C. Spooner
Senior Partner
Ward/Davis Associates
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Boris Kushnir – Architectural Designer, Architectural Sourcing Inc.

Due to the nature of your approach it definitely plays significant role by just seeing the increase of professionals entering my network on Linkedin and my growing popularity. Even before I reach the full speed of my company marketing, I know the upcoming success applies to your influence!

Boris Kushnir
Architectural Designer
Architectural Sourcing Inc.
Member Since: 2013


Cheryl Watts – President, Chief Executive Officer TimelyTrends

Cheryl WattsThank you, my website looks awesome!

Cheryl Watts
President, Chief Executive Officer
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Member Since: 2014


Wendy Reen, Owner, Fashion Designer, Consultant – Wendy Reen / Choas Design

Wendy ReenThe Press Release is Excellent! Fantastic Work! You have my approval! Please post! Thank You Ellen!

Wendy Reen is Recognized for a Decade of Achievement in the Fashion Industry

Wendy Reen
Owner, Fashion Designer, Consultant
Wendy Reen / Choas Design
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Joe L. DeMeis, Senior Art Director/Creative Director in Themed Entertainment

Joe DeMeisDear Ellen Campbell,

Thank you and all your team for the beautiful press release, this is truly a major point in my long career.  Wish it had happened while my parents were alive.  But I’m very grateful after 40 years to have accomplished so much and now to have a signature press release that is the crowning jewel of my success to be acknowledged in the industry and by my fellow colleagues. Thank you again and all your team.

Joe L. DeMeis Has Spent His Career Designing Destination Resorts of Memorable Entertainment

Joe L. DeMeis
Senior Art Director/Creative Director
Themed Entertainment
Member Since: 2014

Philippe Buehler, Director of International Sales, Europe – Kepware Technologies, Inc.

Philippe BuehlerMany thanks for the press release. It looks great! I love it.

Philippe Buehler Honored for Excellence in Sales Management

Philippe Buehler
Director of International Sales, Europe
Kepware Technologies, Inc.
Member Since: 2014