Ruth Anne Caukwell – Author, Blogger & Teacher, RuAnCa

Ruth Anne CaukwellI have looked at the press release and it is great. Thank you for sending this through to me and I am thrilled – it looks really good! I will have a look tomorrow at the second URL after 9.00am! Many thanks to yourself, Darlene and all who have participated and are working on my profile, etc.

Ruth Anne Caukwell Honored as a VIP Member of the Year

Ruth Anne Caukwell
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Kerry Dawson – Editor and Chief Writer, The Mac View/The Daily Mac View

I want to thank you for this. It is very nice and rewarding to see this. Thanks ever so much and I really appreciate the consideration given me.

Kerry Dawson
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The Mac View/The Daily Mac View
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Margaret (Margo) Flores – Certified Professional Résumé Writer, Writing With A Flair, LLC

The press release is excellent…thank you so much for the recognition.

Margo Flores Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in Professional Writing

Margaret (Margo) Flores
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Elizabeth Howell – Executive Editor, Copyediting Solutions

Elizabeth HowellThanks for all your help with the website. You’re fantastic.

Elizabeth Howell
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Copyediting Solutions
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Rick Elias – Author, “Death Cry”

Rick EliasThanks a million for making the awesome website for me.

Rick Elias
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Kimberling Galeti Kennedy – Author, “Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day”

Kimberling Galeti KennedyThank you! You guys are amazing!

Kimberling Galeti Kennedy
“Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day”
Kimberling, Inc.
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Rima Overgaard | Fayed Director, Owner – Jiddo Press

Rima Overgaard FayedDear Jackie,

It was really nice talking to you not so long ago, I received the plaque with my press release (blimey!) and now this email has arrived…The website looks very very nice – and the pictures of books and the paper with Arabic writing really add an excellent touch! It looks very professional and I am very impressed.

Rima Overgaard Fayed
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Felicity Neale | Managing Editor, Standard & Poor’s

Felicity NealeI LOVE [my website]!!!!! Thank you so much.

Felicity Neale
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Standard & Poor’s
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Anita Hallman Kowalski – Angie’s Tidbits

Anita Hallman KowalskiThank you so much for your patience with me.  Please know I appreciate all your efforts.


Anita Hallman Kowalski
Angie’s Tidbits
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Carolyn Simons, Founder, Editor – Forget Me Not Press

Carolyn Simons - Forget Me Not PressI am very pleased with the company –you have said and done exactly what you said you would and it is much appreciated.  I received the welcome package and the engraved plaque.  It is on the wall with the framed covers to my books and other membership certificates.  It is thrilling to look at it and my husband is just beaming with pride.


Carolyn Simons
Founder, Editor
Forget Me Not Press
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