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At Worldwide, we strive to provide our members with dynamic networking and branding opportunities to help them advance in their careers. Whenever they attain some level of success, we love to share the good news across the globe. If you have had a positive experience with our organization and would like us to know, please send an email to Please remember to attach your company logo, photo and any links that you would like to have published along with your testimonial.


4 comments on “Tell Us Your Success Story

  1. Michael Roberts on said:

    Since its founding, The Physec Group has played a major role in the transformation of consciousness and the arising of a more enlightened and mindful humanity. We are not only committed, but responsible to serving this new consciousness and the awakening of all entities on this planet. Being mindful to and diligent of, our clients needs, The Physec Group utilizes successful strategies to help employers and employees become and maintain a level of compliance encouraging social responsibility toward the environment and toward each other.

    “We empower people by providing and embedding sustainable developmental

    principles into project planning, design and execution, to deliver environmentally sound, socially responsible and technically innovative solutions. Behind the external form of what The Physec Group does, and behind the business structure lies the company’s and it’s staffs’ true purpose … the union with the environment… and a more enlightened humanity.

    We believe that The Physec Group resonates with the current shift in consciousness and it is our Mission to ensure the dissemination of potential and prosperity that it provides for humanity at this crucial time of our existence.”

  2. Andrea Berlinger Schwyter on said:

    Thank you for your helpful assistance during the registration process, good to see, that Berlinger & Co. AG and Worldwide Who’s Who has the same common denominator: High quality work!

  3. Michael Waring on said:

    I received a phone call this week from my branding specialist
    to tell me I had been selected as success story of year.
    Many of us leave school wondering where we will head on our life destination.
    with opportunities and support that comes your way can only lead to success
    and with hard work determination and willingness to do this against great adversity
    makes it a greater achievement.
    I dedicate this to Joseph Benedict Chifley
    Ben Chifley Australias Prime Minister from 1945 to 1949 “The Light on the Hill”
    having to lead the task of taking Australia into future and creating
    Australian brands (Holden car Snowy Mountains Electricity Scheme)
    and delivering a society that could be fair and equitable.
    My father and grandfather lived in this era and against the odds
    built a great family life and success in workplace
    Read how Chifley research centre is building better Australia

  4. Lynnette Clement on said:

    I just wanted to extend a thank you to Melissa Salib from Worldwide Branding. I ask Melissa for some information pertaining to my credentials to access the system and was provided with some very insightful information about all of the benefits that Worldwide Who’s Who has to offer its members. Thank you Melissa and to the team at Worldwide Who’s Who!

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